Utah Jazz: Donovan Mitchell is gone and Jazz rebuilding underway

We knew this was coming.

As soon as Utah Send Rudy Gobert Jazz to MinnesotaIt was just a matter of time before Donovan Mitchell will also be traded far. There are still more dominos to fall, but a jazz rebuild is officially underway.

The Jazz team went into the off-season with an aging roster, two All-Stars that clearly wouldn’t be able to win the Jazz title, and a few young players with the upside going forward, and they’d shake off the bottom of the barrel when that happened. Came to Project Asset.

After completing the transaction Mitchell to Cleveland CavaliersGobert traded with Timberwolves, Royce O’Neill to Brooklyn Nets And the Patrick Beverly to the Los Angeles LakersJazz has already amassed a huge amount of young people and experimental capital.

Through these three deals, Jazz has acquired six players aged 25 or younger (Colin SextonAnd the Laurie MarkanenPaisley owner Jared Vanderbilt Leandro Bolmaro Taleen Horton Tucker), total draft No. 14 and No. 22 of 2022 (Ochai Agbaji and Walker Kessler), eight future first-round picks and three future swaps.

This is the foundation upon which the future of jazz rests.

There are more building blocks to come. Bojan Bogdanovic, Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson remain valuable business assets that can attract more young people and more choice, and jazz has a lot of interested parties looking for the services of strong, reliable and proven players.

But any deal that involves the rest of the jazz team will only cement what has already been started.

After six straight years of play-offs, the jazz band has torn everything apart in hopes of rebuilding it better. Although the playoff docks showed promise, that promise was never embodied in anything else, and the Jazz became a team that was stuck in the middle of the playoff package without a chance to truly compete for the NBA title.

Rebuilding the entire NBA is not easy for a fan base. The Jazz team will suffer more losses than anything else over the course of the season in an effort to increase the odds of turning their 2023 draft into a top pick.

There will be young players going through the pains of growing and developing on the field, in front of everyone, under the spotlight, rather than behind the scenes with our player development coaches.

new instrument coach Will Hardy will be tested. His job will not only be to find and develop sustainable talent for the future, but he will have to find ways to keep a young losing team motivated and optimistic for what it could be.

The Jazz front desk will have to navigate the 2022-23 season and seasons to come in with a sense of patience and poise before picking the perfect moment to get back into the fold. Timing will be everything.

There will be fans whose support wanes during the rebuilding process, but players never forget the fans behind them when things aren’t easy and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Each game can be considered a scheduled loss, but there will also be games where the young player shines brighter than expected and gives a show that gives a glimpse of what might be on the way.

Progress will be measured differently. For many years, the Jazz led by Mitchell and Joubert were trying to make the leap from good to great, but that is no longer the case. The NBA playoffs can’t be used to gauge improvement for this team anymore.

Instead, progress should depend on whether a player can reduce their turnover, and if another player can improve their passes, they can learn to defend without errors. Learning to celebrate small, moral victories will be absolutely essential.

This is the beginning of a new era of jazz basketball. Under the new ownership of Ryan Smith, with Danny Ainge and Justin Zanik at the helm of the front office, with Will Hardy in charge of team development, the Jazz rebuild is officially underway.


Utah Jazz CEO Danny Ainge, left, Jazz General Manager, Justin Zanik, new Jazz coach, Will Hardy, and Jazz owner, Ryan Smith, pose for a photo at a press conference to introduce Hardy at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, July 5 , 2022.

Kristen Murphy, Deseret News

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