Vinny’s app on why he shouldn’t get into the rock hall: “Because they’re a bunch of F***s in ‘A** holes’

creative DIO drummer Vinny Abyss He said it again Ronnie James Deo It must have been entered in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Legendary heavy metal singer, best known for his work with black sabbathAnd the Rainbow and his own band DIOHe died of stomach cancer 12 years ago at the age of 67.

Vinnywho played with him rune in DIOAnd the black sabbath And the sabath sub band heaven helltalk about duetexclude from rock hole During a recent appearance on the “Talkin” Bout Rock podcast.

He talks about why he and duet Both have been excluded from morning rock hall Induction in 2006, Vinny He said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “”because they’re a bunch of damned assholes.” I mean , sabath Hasn’t been in it since when? that they [finally] I got into it [16 years ago].

“I visited that place, and there wasn’t really much of it rune There is, too “. rune? Come on! RainbowAnd the “Man on the Silver Mountain”And the “Rock and Roll Music”. and then sabathThe ‘Heaven and Hell’ album and the rest of the albums we made, and then DIOAnd he’s only there for a 12″ tablecloth or something. They don’t remind me. Hey, you know what? I’ve been around… Me resident about all these years. I guess it doesn’t matter.”

After one of the other guests mentioned it DIOhis first album, “Holy Epiphany”influenced an entire generation of rock musicians, Application He added, “This has to be in it. It has to be in… I meet people, like, ‘Oh, man.’ ‘Holy Epiphany’“. Dave GrohlI was totally impressed with this album. So he went to sound city [studios] to record their album, NirvanaBecause there was platinum ‘Holy Epiphany’ on the wall and said: That’s it. We have the registration here. This album was made here. He’s had a huge impact on a lot of people.”

Application touched upon previously runeabsence of rock hole In a 2020 interview with Jeff Gudiosi From out of place. At the time he said, “Well, I guess Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sucks anyway. It’s supposed to be rock ‘n’ roll, and there are people out there [are] Not rock and roll one bit. And the way they do business – it took a long time to put it down black sabbath In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? black sabbath All this heavy stuff started. black sabbath The tuning that affected everyone began, and everyone copied it. And this is the band that started all this stuff, and yet they weren’t in it. So I didn’t expect them to recruit rune And I should have, but they didn’t. So I think they’re bad.”

He continued, “I went [to the Rock Hall] Once. It was a joke a joke. And the rune He should have been there, even alone. He should have been inducted… He’s been in all these major bands and albums, and he’s just not there. Sad thing. I don’t even care that they weren’t recruited DIO – the band DIO – But they should have done it and reminded us. That would be nice. I mean, ‘Holy Epiphany’ he is [40] A year and still sold. So this is a joke, this whole thing.”

In February 2020, runewidow and her manager, Wendy DewTell “Playing Out Show with Eric Blair” She did not know why her late husband did not enter the rock hole. “Maybe one day they’ll come to their senses and realize he was in the top three,” she said. And if you look at any heavy metal music chart, you will always find Rainbow record, DIO record and black sabbath record there.”

Back in 2006, runeThe singer’s representative said that the singer wasn’t bothered by the fact that he wasn’t invited black sabbath‘s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. After hearing that rune was not in rock holeAnd the Cleveland scenery‘s ferris called offices Neji management – owned by Wendy Dew – To see if duetHis camp had any kind of quote from rune. Neji‘s Diana DevilThe one who answered the phone said:rune He was not invited, but he was not upset about this, because he is busy working on his own projects. He wishes them well.”

duet She recorded three studio albums and one live group with Rainbow Before coming out in 1978 including “to rise” And the Long live rock and roll.

replace him Ozzy Osbourne in black sabbath In 1980, recording “Heaven and Hell” And the “Assembly Rules” Plus albums “Long live evil”before leaving in 1982. He rejoined the group 10 years later for an album called “Inhumane”and once again teamed up with the group under heaven hell Banner in 2006. heaven hell He released an album called “The Devil You Know” in 2009.

He also recorded 10 studio albums with his own band, DIOincluding the classic 1983 debut, “Holy Epiphany”and an equally famous follow-up, 1984 “last line”.

duet was also behind Hear help Project, a group of metal artists who recorded the track “stars” in 1985 to raise funds for African famine relief.

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