Watch: SALIVA Meets Original Singer Josie Scott at BLUE RIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL

saliva Reuniting with her original singer Josie Scott To appear once earlier today (Sunday 11th September) this year Blue Ridge Rock Festival At the Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Virginia. The performance video can be seen below.

Scott the left saliva At the end of 2011 after 15 years with the group, he was said to have pursued a solo Christian music career. It was quickly replaced Bobby Amarowho can be heard salivaThe last four versions of: “in winning it” (2013),“Rises” (2014),“Love, Lies and Cure” (2016) and “10 souls” (2018).

In October 2019, Scott announced that he will return to saliva, explaining at the time that he wanted to meet up with his former bandmates and “write a badass record.” Less than a year and a half later, in March 2021, saliva guitar player Wayne Sweeney He poured cold water on those plans, saying the reunion with the singer “didn’t really take off.”

Amaro discuss ScottFailed reunion with saliva During a recent interview with View Bay Ragni. He was asked if he feels any “pressure” knowing that there are still discussions going on about the possibility of a reunion with him ScottAnd the Amaro He said, “I’m in those discussions too, and there’s nothing shady; nothing I don’t know about. It was Mine The idea of ​​actually saying, “Hey, you should do a 20-year reunion.” I was an advocate for it. Wayne Sweeney I will tell you that. I was the one who was, like, “I think you guys should.” And I think a lot of things didn’t work out last year with… They couldn’t get to the same page, and then nutty He lost his son. It hasn’t been a good year for anything like that.”

Bobby ate too BLABBERMOUTH.NETPrevious coverage of salivaReunion talks with Scottsaying: “chat And all of that stuff, that taste of tap, man, and that stuff… it’s drama. There is a lot of drama in the world as it is. If people want to focus on who the fucking singer is saliva He – who cares? whatever. Do you know what I mean? There’s more nonsense going on, man. And people there usually write, “Ah, I hate it so much” or “Who cares anyway?” Probably… I don’t know what they’re doing in their life – damn work at it subway or whatever. Everything is good.

He continued, “I know what we have, this band, we have work; this is like work; this is our work.” “And it’s also fun work. And we’re all happy to do that. We’re not trying to get into drama or anything else. And I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen, but we’re just not looking to change what’s going on.”

Amaro He also confirmed that he and Scott will advance saliva in Blue Ridge Rock Festival. “[It’s] “I’m going to be great,” said the singer. “And I’ll be there. We’ll both be there. It’s gonna be great. It’s good for the fans.”

“I always said I wish for a man Will be an act [solo] Recordings and directing songs and doing stuff. There are a lot of guys who do that – Jeff TateAnd the Scott Stubb. There are a lot of men [who were previously in established bands] suppression [solo] Record numbers for the fans, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

salivareunion with Scott in Blue Ridge Originally announced on March 18th by festival organizers via Twitter. They wrote: “It’s happening. There’s always been a lot of rumors and demand for it, and now it’s finally happening in September.” Less than two weeks later, Scott Share the ad in Twitter for the first time and included a simple two-word comment: “Let’s go!!!!!!” When a fan asked him: “Are you serious???” , replied: “Yes!”

When Sweeney talk to WRIF Around salivaFailed reunion with Scotthe said that although there were some initial discussions about nuttyBack in the group, there was no follow-up to make sure the plan was implemented.

“If you want to do something, do it,” Wayne He said. “But you can’t just talk about it and magically achieve it. There is work, there is planning, there are things that go into it, and none of those things were done early enough to get it done.

“Yeah, there was some fan reaction, saying, ‘Wow, yeah, that could be cool. “But he didn’t get enough strength to take off.” “All the raw things have been set up, and they haven’t faded away.

“It did not make sense to stop what we are [the current lineup of SALIVA] They were doing and doing that, because you have momentum, we have a continuous groove, and the band is tight. I didn’t feel like we had to give it up or comfort him.”

last december, nutty took him Twitter To write: “I want to apologize 2 fans because I thought I was going to meet some people and produce new music, but, I guess everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. Blessing in disguise. Now it’s just me & me, how intimate is that? #SV2022” .

saliva He released six albums with Scott And savor the taste of platinum success and Grammy nomination for her first major success, your “illness”.

In May 2021, saliva Celebrating the 20th anniversary of her debut in the major brand, “every six seconds”with a special project called “every twenty years”which is an EP of classic songs re-recorded using Amaro.

EXCLUSIVE: Original singer Josie Scott reunites with saliva at Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2022!

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Josie Scott and Saliva reunited at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival

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Who’s ready to rock at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival???

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