When will he use his powers for good?

Charlie Puth It is a lively frustrating puzzle.

Here we have a talented and undeniably smart musician with a handful of hit songs and Grammy nominations to his name. He’s funny, even if his penchant for shocked laughter warrants more laughter than legitimate laughter. He has an exemplary charismatic personality exaggeration In interviews instead of sticking to boring, PR-approved audio clips. happened pitch perfect. However, when it comes to his music, the guy can’t stop following his own path. for example: CharliePuth’s third studio album, which arrived Friday and suffers from undercooked TikTok-baiting pop songs that could have been so much more.

In the beginning, behind the concept Charlie It sounded interesting – as Puth himself described, it was an album”born online. “Over the past year and a half, he has documented the creation of these dozens of paths tik tok, to give fans a sneak peek into his process by creating songs around random sounds or musical instruments. He gave the Berkeley-educated musician a chance to show off his pieces, which at times appeared dumb and domineering, but mostly succeeded in satisfying the adoring fans of his obsessive musical personality.

Unfortunately, TikTok may have halted Puth’s activity; Spending months presenting yourself as some kind of quirky music guru only works if the end result is really impressive. While that, Charlie It is pop music that sounds generic and suffers from many incomplete tracks, most of which stop annoyingly after two tracks and a chorus. That’s fine in some cases – sometimes it’s better to let people want more – but here, TikTok’s taste for a short attention span seems to extend to composing Puth’s songs and making him a lazy musician than he really is. Just ask Taylor Swift fans about the power of a good bridge.

“There’s a first time for everything,” for example, finds Puth tearing and twisting his tongue his way through light punk verses, looking like Mark Hoppus at his pomp but more impulsive. Likewise, “Marks on My Neck” ends prematurely after two clips from “Jessie’s Girl,” as well as filling a drum before the second hook that would have worked better as a weather moment rather than an afterthought.

Charlie Not everything goes wrong. A single “light switch” leads to a wonderful, full-fleshed ear worm that pecks; Just ask any pop radio station in the country. As with the finger-tipping song “Loser,” which features a funky bass line (La Puth’s best single so far, “Attention”) he says, “I’m a loser, why should I lose it? / I’ll never recover, I’ll never be okay.”

to be sure, Charlie It’s a disjointed album (it’s heavily rumored to chronicle his past relationship with singer Charlotte Lawrence), but thankfully, it’s not malicious. Instead, Puth takes the tension out of his subject matter by going all-in ’80s with cheerful, bright, and mostly heavy trails. On the catchy song “Tears on My Piano”—which is actually not a piano song at all, but a foot-beating pop with a hook that can instantly be chirped—he cleverly mocks himself for composing sad songs: “All I make is crying music,” It sighs. Meanwhile, his earnest attempts at cutting poetry, specifically the piano-driven torch song “When You’re Sad I’m Sad”, were a soulful snooze. The same goes for the closer album “No More Drama,” which doesn’t offer any musical thrills but at least finds Puth in a much happier place. “I don’t have any more drama in my life and it’s a blessing / I’m so glad I finally realized I’m better off without you,” he sings. (I’m glad you’re doing so well, Charlie. Now back to making better music.)

if Charlie Is any indication, Puth still didn’t hit the right chord (you should damn perfect pitch) in the pop space. After being a huge hit in 2016 with his debut album Totally Free of Magic, Nine follow the mindHe’s gone up big with 2018 Voice noteswhich is strange He said he’s only 60 percent proud In a recent interview, despite it being his best work to date. Filled with glamorous confidence and charisma, this album features features with the likes of Boyz II Men and Kehlani, bolstered by bold musical choices and meticulously detailed lyrical.

Unfortunately, Voice notes He was pretty much asleep, and that’s probably why we’ve got what we have now: a striking album era that features little other than mediocrity. Duet with Jung Kook from BTSseries of thirst trapsand The concert was held in the Metaverse. (At the very least, we can attribute that Charlie It is an upgrade from the “bad boy” stage that Puth attempted in 2019 with the trio of “I Warned Myself”, “Mother” and “Cheating On You”, none of which broke the Hot 100. Even Elton John He told him those songs sucked.)

Some have suggested that Puth should go the way of Ryan Tedder and focus his efforts on crafting successes for other artists. It has definitely worked for him lately – he wrote and produced Kid Laroy and Justin Bieber”Spends,” which topped the Hot 100 for seven non-consecutive weeks after its release last year. However, one can only hope that Puth will once again harness his musical powers for good. Perhaps he just needs a vacation from TikTok first.

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