Will Costco’s fall collection disappoint this year?

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Things can go either way.

the main points

  • Costco offers interchangeable items at competitive prices.
  • While the retail giant often stocks a bunch of special items this fall, the supply may be limited this year.

As a person shopping in costco On a weekly basis, I can say for sure that some of the items are pretty much a mainstay. I’m talking about things like milk, salad mixes, fruit bowls, paper towels, and a bunch of household cleaners.

But Costco is also known for its cyclical seasonal items. During the holidays, you’ll find Christmas decorations, gift baskets, and a larger selection of toys and games. And during the summer, you’ll usually see things like beach towels, swimwear, and pool accessories.

Since I’m a fan of all things fall, one of my favorite times to shop at Costco is mid-September through early October. Back in the day, you’ve got everything from lawn motifs to cozy fleece shirts that relieve you from strolling on a cold October morning. In fact, I generally make a point to look for these items a few weeks before fall, as they tend to hit stock.

But so far this year, I haven’t been too impressed with Costco’s fall offerings. For example, most years Costco has a number of Halloween costumes for my kids to choose from. This year, the choices were so slim that we’ve resorted to ordering costumes elsewhere (and paying more).

Of course, there is still time to go before the fall ends. But I can’t help but wonder if Costco’s pick will fall short this year.

Supply chain issues can be a problem

In the past year, many people have had trouble stocking up on holiday gifts because supply chains have slowed due to the pandemic. This year, supply chains don’t look damaged, but they also haven’t fully recovered. This means that some retailers, including Costco, may not have the same range of seasonal items that their customers expect.

Moreover, inflation has raised the cost of goods, which affects most people personal finances. This is something Costco may be particularly sensitive to.

Costco prides itself on its affordable price points. If you can’t sell seasonal items at a reasonable price, you may choose not to stock them for fear of turning away customers. And I have a feeling that’s part of the reason I didn’t see my usual collection of fall products.

Will the inventory drop?

Since we haven’t made it to October, it’s fair to say that Costco’s fall stock selection may increase in the coming weeks. But we may not see the same choice we had in years past.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing – at least not for me. Since I’m what you might call a fall obsessed, I tend to exaggerate this specific spending category. So if Costco doesn’t offer a more comprehensive fall collection, that means I might not run like Credit card Tab as I usually do this time of year.

I would definitely choose to take some of these savings and show off some of them Pumpkin spice latte While that. Because when you’re a fall fanatic like me, you do your best to savor the season before winter hits.

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