Winfree or Tour: The hardest decision to come by the Packers

With the Tuesday deadline for final cuts looming, the Packers’ 2022 roster is finally taking shape. I don’t think anyone would expect surprises in the OL, LB or CB rooms, certainly not with the QBs, but there is still some mystery surrounding the youth reception team.

Wideouts has been a source of debate, intimidation and intrigue ever since it was announced that the league’s most talented player would not be returning to Green Bay. The Packers have not made any deals to play in an effort to make up for it Davant AdamsOver 1,500 yards of production last season, though such a move isn’t really possible. Coming out of the draft, General Manager Brian Gutkunst armed Rodgers and Matt LaFleur with a trio of rookies, a sophomore hoping to make his stride, a pair of veterans, and last year’s No. Allen Lazard.

Lazard, Sammy WatkinsAnd the Randall Copejunior Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs She pretty much locks in to get to the final 53. Amari Rodgers, who has shown increased versatility and overall physical improvement throughout pre-season, is the favorite to be No. 6. Now for the interesting part: Since LaFleur arrived at Green Bay in 2019, he has never carried seven receivers from final cuts. However, with the only sure thing the Packers had left out, it might make sense to take the kitchen sink approach with that unit. Assuming Jason Farabi really finished with seven players in his group, it’s a heated battle for last place among the 2019 sixth-placed. Joan Winfrey and the seventh novice from Nebraska, Samori Tori.

Torey participated in the team’s three exhibition games, recording nine catches for 125 yards. Most of that came in a Thursday night showdown with Kansas City, where he got six passes for 83 yards. Winfree came in a bit behind, leading the team in Game 2 with three receptions for 41 yards but finished preseason at seven for 75, overall. However, Winfree was also on the field for kickbacks, kicks, and returning throws. This probably wouldn’t be a huge deal on most teams, but I think we all remember what happened previous januaryAnd you’d better believe Lafleur and Jotkunst, too.

Toure’s exciting early development has a lot of daring to put it together Scenarios to keep him in the final 53. There is serious concern that he is at greater risk of claiming exemptions from most of the rookies in the seventh round. He showed up on a big stage like in August, and every team probably still remembers their grandmother’s middle name from the pilot season. While Toure has the advantage in terms of capabilities and production at this point, Winfree’s versatility as a private team and its ability to block make this a tough decision — so tough that it’s hard to imagine them not taking a seventh receiver at all.

But there is another angle that we have not discussed. during Aaron RodgersThe feud with the front office last season, one of his big problems was that the front office didn’t take his input into consideration in terms of staffing. The most notable recent example was when Rodgers trespassed on a large scale under the radar Jake Comero, who traded with Buffalo shortly thereafter. Both sides have talked about being in a better place since those turbulent days, and Rodgers has indicated time and time again that he feels his contribution is more appreciated now. This makes it all the more interesting when Rodgers floats the praises like “Ben [Winfree] And the [Doubs]There were a lot of positive things to make you feel good about the depth we can get in that room.”

Rodgers hasn’t been shy about shooting Winfree with gas all summer, which is surprising we don’t get to know him well yet — more than half of his career yards came in a single game last year in Arizona, when Adams, Lazard, and Marquis Valdes-Scantling They have all been excluded. For me, that’s the difference. Given the expected contributions from #7 at scale, things like bans and the ability of special teams would be very likely. Tori is shinier, but I also imagine the Green Bay front office is more excited about the prospect of never having to deal with another failure with the face of their franchise.

After all things considered, it would be difficult to see which of these people leave the organization. Ideally, anyone left out of the 53 could be brought back by the coaching staff, which Gutekunst confirmed he considers a smooth roster of 69 – which his use of coaching staff, forced or otherwise, supports last season. Winfree appears to have the advantage, but Toure did everything they could to make this final choice as hotly contested as possible. Good thing we only have two more days to wait.

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